Frequently Asked Questions

bullet Is now a good time to sell my contract security company, or should I wait?
bullet How long will this seller-favorable market last?
bullet How long does it usually take your firm to sell a contract security company?
bullet If I want to sell my company, why retain your firm to manage the sale? Why not negotiate directly with buyers, or through a local business broker?
bullet With your only office on the East Coast of the U.S., how can you effectively represent sellers who are thousands of miles away or in other countries?
bullet How can I know how much a buyer will offer me for my company without having to put the company on the market?
bullet What about bid proposals I have out at the time of the sale – do I get compensated for that?
bullet What about my employees – will a buyer hire them?
bullet What size companies does your firm represent?
bullet How much does your firm charge to represent a seller?