Select Engagements

Since 1977, we have managed the sale of over 200 contract security companies. Our seller/clients have been very diverse in size - ranging from the privately-held family-owned company with revenues as small as $2 million to divisions of multi-billion dollar public companies – with revenues in the $150 million range.

While most of our engagements have been for U.S.-based companies (the largest security services market in the world), we have also represented companies located in Canada, many countries in Europe and South America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and South Africa.

We are the undisputed expert on matters relating to selling and valuing contract security companies, as evidenced by some of our assignments for Recognized Leaders in the Security Industry:

  • ADT, a division of Tyco International, called us when it wanted to divest its contract security divisions. ADT called us twice to manage the sale of its contract security divisions, including the famous Bel-Air Patrol division located in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, CA.
  • Inspectorate of Switzerland called us when it needed an expert to finish the negotiations it had already started for the sale of its Montreal, Canada contract security division.
  • When American Brands put Pinkerton up for sale in 1988, Brinks retained us to assist it in establishing an offering price.
  • The Hawley Group of the United Kingdom called us when it wanted to sell the contract security division of its $500 million janitorial subsidiary.
  • Heller Financial called us when it was considering the contract security industry as an investment opportunity. Heller purchased Employer's Security Company, a seller we represented.
  • When Group 4 in Denmark was considering entering the security market in the U.S., they called us. We provided the market research and recommendations that led to it buying Wackenhut.
  • When Ecco Securite of France called us when it wanted to sell its contract security division headquartered in New York.
  • Team 3, headquartered in Israel, called us when it needed a security partner to handle the security for its clients in other world locations. We managed the negotiations (through meetings in Paris) that led to a joint venture arrangement between Team 3 and Brinks.
  • LaSalle Capital called us when it was looking for a flagship company to grow in the contract security industry. LaSalle purchased Industrial Security, a seller/client we were representing that was headquartered in the Midwest.
Allied Barton
  • A Large Private Equity Group called us when it was presenting a bid to buy AlliedBarton. We were engaged to advise on how this PEG might be able to grow AB after the acquisition.
  • gategroup, a CHF 4.5 billion Zurich based company called us when it was looking to divest its U.S. based airline/airport contract security services subsidiary.